about us

We provide  
affordable Bio-Friendly 
packaging tailored for food deliveries.

at enfo

Our goal is to collaborate with F&B organisations to facilitate an easy switch from excessive plastic usage to bio-friendly alternatives.

our logo

ENFO’s brand logo is a combination of a spoon and leaf, representing the merging of food ware and sustainability.

meet enfo

Our team consists of foodies who appreciate the local flora and fauna as much as a hearty bowl of laksa. We’ve come together on a mission that combines our interests, by redefining the takeout dining experience. Our belief is that, there should be a shared quality between where food is made and where food is eaten. We aim to help facilitate fuss-free deliveries as we understand the consideration that goes behind food preparation. Let’s have all kinds of food cravings, sustainably served!

why we started

Most of us feel the effects of global warming daily, in part caused by the production or incineration of plastic. Yet, single-use plastics have become a common feature in food deliveries, which have been on the rise since the pandemic.  A national study showed that takeaway meals and food deliveries generated plastic waste equivalent to the weight of 92 double-decker buses during the two-month lockdown in 2020. Meanwhile, 4 out of 5 citizens agree that excessive plastic usage is a problem.

That’s where we come in with our bio-friendly packaging tailored for food deliveries. ENFO strives to provide a cost-efficient product range, that has been rigorously tested for quality. We also offer customisation options that extend an establishment’s branding and aesthetics beyond its physical outlets.

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