Towards a Zero Waste Future

Growing resources, shrinking wastage. Let us find out more.

The Issue

Singapore’s only landfill is projected to reach its capacity ten years earlier, in 2035. Incinerated ash and non-incinerable waste keep piling on and the whopping amount of waste generated each year – 7.23 million tonnes in 2019. High proportions of plastic are incinerated, where only 4% was recyclable that year. The incineration process creates dioxins which are known to increase rates of cancer growth among other health problems. At the same time, as Semakau fills up, there is a higher risk of waste leeching into surrounding waters.

Circular Economy

A zero waste future is one where there is responsible production and resources, and assimilation of by-products back into the environment, creating an unending loop. This could be perpetuated by the circular economy which seeks to reduce waste, recover resources at the ‘end’ of a product’s life and channel them back into production.

Serve For the Earth

Food deliveries and takeaway options may mean that single-use packaging can be unavoidable. But, negative impact on the environment can still be reduced. ENFO food ware is designed to be biodegradable, compostable or recyclable. Keep your diners fuss free and have your food sustainably served.

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